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Automate your workflow and integrations — and put an end to the repetitive manual work associated with revenue-cycle management. ESO Billing frees your team to focus on what they do best.

Efficiency in EMS Billing. Reinvented.

In today’s reimbursement world, efficiency counts. ESO Billing was built to save you time at every possible point in the billing process. Even its interface has been freshly redesigned for the ultimate in speed and ease of use.

Billing Data Direct From Hospitals

What if you could get insurance information, demographics and other patient billing data right from the hospital? Now you can: Pair Billing with ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE) and ESO Payer Insights to tap into hospital-generated billing information with one click.

  • Get patient billing data straight from one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources anywhere — hospitals.
  • Save significant time in insurance discovery and demographic validation.
  • You’ll even be alerted when hospital data is available to supplement the ticket.

Awards & Certifications

ESO Payer Insights wins 2017 EMS World Innovation Award


Automated Import

Keep things moving and increase accuracy by importing data automatically. Upon import all available data is used to reduce manual entry for trip ticket and master patient records.

“ESO Billing has helped us maximize our revenue while reducing our cost per ticket. Furthermore, the support team has done an exceptional job meeting our needs. All in all, ESO’s ability to keep up with the changing demands of ambulance billing makes them the right partner for the future.” RICKY POWELL, PRESIDENT ALLEGIANCE MOBILE HEALTH, TX

Configurable Workflow

Customize your workflow based on your business process — task-based workflow moves each claim through its stages with minimal touches. It even alerts you automatically when payments aren’t on time, for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Pre-claim Submission Audits

Our payer-specific proprietary audit process ensures that each claim contains all critical billing information prior to claim submission. The result? The lowest clearinghouse and payer rejection rate in the industry.

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