Brent Myers

About Brent Myers

I joined ESO as Chief Medical Officer in 2018, after a few years with Evolution Health and more than a decade leading the Wake County Department of EMS. During my years at Wake County, I enjoyed working with one of the greatest EMS systems in the world where we quadrupled neurologically intact survival from cardiac arrest. We also introduced successful programs for patients with mental health, substance abuse, and falls in assisted living facilities that improved their health while allowing them to be treated outside of the emergency department. Now with ESO, I bring the doctor’s eye to our software, services, and use of data. With the ESO datasphere, it is my pleasure to guide, and occasionally challenge, our industry in more data-driven ways than we’ve ever had access to before. Our ability to meaningfully link the patient experience from dispatch to discharge as well as the EMS providers’ experience throughout their daily job duties in unparalleled. I’m fortunate to travel the country, and even the world, sharing data insights and first-hand experiences through organizations such as NAEMSP, EM today, Pinnacle, EMS World, and the Asian Association of EMS.

A North Carolina native and proud UNC Tarheel, I live in downtown Raleigh with my husband, Chris, but can regularly be found in the Austin ESO office. I enjoy a stiff gin martini, college basketball, and a good peer-reviewed article.