Remle Crowe

About Remle Crowe

There’s a great parable presented by Dr. Rishi Manchanda: Three healthcare providers are on a hike when they come to a river where a bunch of people are drowning and drifting towards a waterfall. The first provider jumps in the water and starts rescuing the people in greatest danger, those who are closest to the waterfall. The second provider builds a raft and starts floating groups to safety. Then, the first two providers look up and see the third provider swimming up the river, away from the drowning people. They yell out to her, “What are you doing? There are people to save here!” and she responds, “I’m going to find out what’s throwing these people in the river!” As a public health professional and EMS researcher, I aim to be like the third provider, an “upstreamist”.

ESO gives me the opportunity to use data to help our customers and other EMS stakeholders look upstream to improve the health and safety of our communities. Before joining ESO, I earned my Ph.D. in Public Health from THE Ohio State University (yes, articles are quite important to us Buckeyes). My EMS career began nearly a decade ago when I started out as a volunteer EMT and EMT instructor while working for Ford Motor Company in Mexico City. I’m now a full-time Austinite and look forward to saying ‘adios’ to snow and ‘hola’ to tacos every day.