5 Key Reports for EMS Leaders

ESO Staff

All EMS agencies collect incident and patient data – to stay compliant, ensure protocols are followed, and to report into state and federal agencies. However, collecting data is only the first step in understanding how to improve operations and quality of care within EMS. The real magic happens when EMS leaders analyze the collected data and act on insights.

In the white paper “Five Key Reports for EMS Leaders”  you’ll learn why your ePCR should have

  1. 12-Lead ECG Performance
  2. System Monitoring for Time to Lock Records
  3. Aspirin Administration for Chest Pain
  4. Narcan Administration for Overdose
  5. CVA/TIA Stroke Exam Performance

EMS leadership is often charged in paving the way for standardizing protocols and proving the value the organization brings into the community. By using data and analytics, leadership can ensure that the knowledge gained through collected insights actually gets used in a powerful, precise manner.

Whether your EMS agency is in the major leagues of data analysis and you just want a gut check, or if you are just getting started, our guide to the “Five Key Reports for EMS Leaders” can help. Download the whitepaper today


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