5 Reasons to Attend FHETS & Wave

Nicole Hayes

If you’re looking for a conference full of thought leadership, data analysis, and training sessions tailored to meet the needs of administrators and field providers alike, then we have the conference for you! Here’s a list of 5 reasons to attend FHETS | ESO Training Academy | Wave 2019.

1.) Focused Product Training: From Properties and Inspections to FH Report Writer and EHR, you’ll find over 50 classes available to make the most of your FIREHOUSE and ESO modules.

2.) Learn from the Best: Our speakers are experts in their field and passionate about leveraging data for improving outcomes in care and service. Their sessions are designed to give you an edge in your field so you always stay on top of the data game. Hear from people like Noah Smith, former federal bureaucrat overseeing the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS), now serving as the state health IT coordinator for Washington, D.C. Smith spoke during Wave 2018, in a session titled 5 Things You Never Thought You’d Hear a Fed Say.

3.) Real World Insight: Don’t just listen to the “why”, see the “how” with sessions led by customers who use the product in the field everyday. You’ll leave with tips and tricks you can apply in your own work. Wave 2018 presented the question “Can a major city fire department use data to drive change and improve care … in the middle of a municipal bankruptcy, to boot?”. To which Robert B. Dunne, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, Medical Director for the Detroit Fire Department said yes.

4.) Get Data Savvy: Data is pivotal in today’s public service. We’ll share trends, research and teach you best practices for using data in your own organization. At Wave 2018, Remle Crowe shared A Cheat Sheet for Fire and EMS and proved that “statistics can be understood by everyone – not just statisticians, not just PhD students, and not just people who are really good at math.”

5.) Meet Your Match: The best and brightest come to attend FHETS and Wave. You’ll get to network with leaders within EMS, Fire and Hospitals from across the country. Make connections and exchange ideas with like-minded folks.

“I think when I leave conferences like this, I’m just inspired to go back, and look at our system, and see what other people may have had for ideas that you can incorporate into yours. And I think that’s one of the big benefits of coming to a gathering like this.” – John Nankervis, Assistant Chief of EMS for Shoreline Fire Department.

Don’t forget that Early Bird pricing ends on December 1. We can’t wait to see you at FHETS | ESO Training Academy | Wave 2019!

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