Celebrating EMS Week 2018

ESO Staff

This week is the 44th annual National EMS Week and we wanted to share with you our personal experiences in the field. Thank you for all you do!

Kenny Schnell, Senior Director of Customer Support, ESO 

I really enjoyed the family environment with my co-workers, when you spend every third day with your partner, you become very close friends (family) and dependent on each other.  In addition, you become very close with the first responders that you share housing facilities along with take care of patients together, you always have each other’s back. 

EMS is the practice of medicine and you will never master emergency medicine, so the challenging aspect of EMS makes it different than any other career.  You don’t spend your day at a desk, but you are thrown every type of challenge that you could ever conceive, and you are giving the privileged perspective on the human condition.  People invite you in to their lives and you get the opportunity to serve the public.  In return, you feel enlightened, honored and grateful to have a career that truly is important in life. 

Rich Cunningham, Regional Account Manager, ESO 

I started working in EMS right out of high school. On one of my earliest calls was for a baby who was in cardiac arrest. I was the paramedic on scene and I started doing the intubation, the drugs, IVs and as we’re transporting to the hospital we got the pulse back. During the transport we got the call to reroute to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Now my stress level went up, because we have an additional 20 minutes in the drive.  When we got to Children’s Hospital they put the baby in a heart and lung bypass machine, so they could keep her alive. After they did that they told the family that the she has a 1% chance to live.  

Long story short, the family came and met the crew six months later and we met the baby as well. Just last year, I met with the mom, dad and the daughter to celebrate her 21st birthday. This is one of my most proud moments of being a paramedic.  

Sean Leung, Director of Product Management, EHR at ESO 

I was at dinner at my parent’s place and my daughter was a year and a half at the time. She had her first kiwi and almost immediately she had an allergic reaction. It wasn’t until EMS first arrived and took control of the situation in a very quick and efficient manner that we calmed down and knew everything would be ok. I want to thank EMS services for what they did that day. 

Allen Johnson, VP of Healthcare Solutions, ESO

I’ve rewritten this three times and haven’t been able to get it quite right. But it led to a lot of reflection on my time in the field, the calls that went well (sometimes despite ourselves) and those that did not, the crew members, including a couple now at ESO, I’ve seen grow and grow up. When I think about the lives I touched, then the lives that my crews and students touched, and now the lives that we touch through ESO, I marvel. My mind is boggled and my heart is humbled. To the EMS profession and professionals, thank you for impacting thousands, maybe millions, of lives and for letting my life be one of them.

Cheryl Black, Marketing Director, ESO 

My husband is an EMT and firefighter. Every time he’s on shift and away from our family, I know he’s helping people during the worst moments of their lives. I also know that takes a lot from him and his crew, physically, mentally and emotionally. As the spouse, you support your person in the ways they need – talking about work, not talking about work, dropping off their favorite snack at the department, letting your kiddo stay up late for a few more minutes of QT before a double. I love working at ESO because it lets me not only support my firefighter but thousands of first responders by making their jobs a little easier. Whether it is easy access to better patient data or simply finishing a report faster and getting a little more sleep as a result, our software helps and that matters. To all the EMTs, paramedics and their families, thank you for what you do day in and day out. Happy EMS Week! 

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