ESO-Firehouse: Thanks for the feedback & helping us improve

Shelley Koegler

Wow, the last several months since the ESO acquisition of FIREHOUSE® Software (FH) have been an absolute whirlwind. We’ve made considerable progress, had some surprises and missteps, enjoyed great support and feedback from customers and the market, and shared and learned a great deal along the way. We’ve also had overwhelming interest from departments who want to buy FIREHOUSE Software.

The most exciting part of the journey thus far has been the enthusiasm and excitement of the people that were with FH when we acquired them. Changes like that can sometimes be unsettling for people, but the team there embraced this change with enthusiasm, excitement, and a focus on both the customer and the future. We continue to make changes designed to provide our customers with improved customer support, a more reliable and robust environment, while enabling the sharing of industry and technical expertise so that our current and future records management solutions (RMS) will be the best in the industry.

We also are very grateful for the feedback and support of our customers. With more than 11,000 fire departments across the country relying on us for their RMS, your feedback, support and even criticism is helping us improve. We apologize for some of the challenges we’ve faced together. With the transition from Conduent, some customer contacts have not always received all of the communications we’ve sent and intended to get to them. Our move to a more reliable and robust hosting environment had some glitches that made for a customer experience that was not what you expect. We are happy to report that everyone is now on the new platform and things are running smoothly.

While we don’t typically respond to rumors in the market, we did want to address concerns about the future and our selling of FIREHOUSE Software. Some of this is from our competition, and some has been directly because of the experiences people have had with the transition. Let me be clear, we are and will continue to sell FIREHOUSE Software. In fact, we are adding people and will soon move to a larger space in the Des Moines area, the home for most of our ESO-FIREHOUSE team – we are expanding our commitment to the fire market.

While we have made great improvements on the systems, processes, hosting environment, implemented product enhancements, and have added support and engineering resources, we still have work to do. We want to do it fast, but with great quality. To quote Jerry Reed’s theme song to Smokey and the Bandit, “We’ve got a long way to go and short time to get there.”  We’re going to make the combination of ESO and FIREHOUSE the best thing to happen to the fire market in many years – as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the support and helping us improve.

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