Happy July 4: Bringing Home Firework Safety

Cheryl Black

From my focus group of one firefighter (husband), I’ve learned that July 4th, Halloween and New Year’s Eve are all pretty tough shifts for firefighters and paramedics. Between fireworks and alcohol (and in the case of Halloween, costumes), it makes sense that a lot of senseless accidents and injuries happen on those days.

You can help your hometown have a happier 4th of July by sharing a few firework safety tips. Alerting your local paper or news network gets the word out and positions your organization as a leader in community safety. Publishing to your organization’s social media or asking your city/county to do such has the same effect with a more grassroots approach.

To help you promote community safety, here are a few tips and websites promoting firework safety.

To all the first responders spending the holiday away from their families and in the field, thank you. Happy 4th of July everyone!


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