4 Can’t Miss Hospital Resources

ESO Staff

Continued learning is valued in every profession, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and fall behind on the “things you should know”. This time of year doesn’t change that, if anything things get crazier. But ESO is here to help! These four can’t-miss resources from the year will take you into the holidays on a high note.

How to Create Complete Clinical Records

Learn how to improve Joint Commission compliance by including prehospital care records to create a complete record of clinical care.

Case Study: St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Learn how St. Elizabeth easily and quickly accesses EMS records. Their new process resulted in streamlined data capture, increased productivity and improved collaboration with EMS.

Must Have Features for Early Hospital Alerting Systems

Hospital alerting systems enable better patient care through advance and more accurate notifications from EMS. Find out what seven features you must look for when considering a solution.

Article: Improving patient Safety in 10 Minutes a Day

What does a Dutch airline company and your hospital have in common? They can both improve safety in only 10 minutes each day. Check out this article from The Harvard Business Review.

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