New Fire Trends 2019 Report Surveys 630,000+ Calls


Have ever wondered how your fire agency stacks up compared to your peers across the U.S.? Then you probably know you need specific, high-quality, and current data.

The newly released 2019 ESO Fire Trends Report has exactly what you need to start understanding your performance benchmarks, learn more about trends across the nation, and get insight into what is currently impacting the fire industry.

Industry Insight

Based on data from more than 630,000 calls, the 2019 ESO Fire Trends Report offers insights into best practices for fire agencies of all sizes in the United States. Included information covers questions such as:

  • How many calls are EMS calls vs. fire calls?
  • What is the average response time and travel time to a call?
  • What are the most common property types responded to?
  • What are the most common responses overall, and among fire calls?
  • How much property loss was reported overall, and by property type?

Putting Predictions into Action

Earlier this year, ESO released its 2019 Fire Department Predictions white paper, covering four predictions it believed would have a big impact on fire departments during the upcoming year. The need for data to make better, informed decisions was one of four predictions.

The purpose of the Fire Trends Report is to help departments highlight which areas are in alignment, and which may represent opportunities for improvement – or at least warrant further assessment and evaluation. This quantitative approach to measuring performance gives fire departments a starting framework to continually refine strategies, increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and allocate resources appropriately.

Data from Around the Nation

The Report uses data compiled from 244 fire departments and represents 638,979 calls from January 1, 2019-June 30, 2019. The report covers 5 key topics which include a high-level summary,  an in-depth breakdown of stats, and a brief recommended action in response to the data.

Additionally, ESO released a white paper based on the findings for the Trends Report, diving deeper into those recommendations and outlining three action steps for each of the five trends. You can download the ESO Fire Trends Action Plan for these additional insights.

Making Informed Decisions

The more data you track and review on your own agency – keeping in mind how you compare to your peers, and what’s on the horizon for the industry – the better you can work with your own team and infrastructure to create the most efficient organization possible. Armed with real-world data, you can focus your training and improvement efforts, share insight with decision-makers, and set benchmarks that make sense. Together, these efforts make for a safer team and a safer community.

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