Save Time and Improve Reporting with Fire and EHR Software

ESO Staff

Iona-McGregor Fire District was looking for easy-to-use fire department software that would guide responders to input the essential data, improve the quality of reports and meet their state reporting needs. They were seeing gaps in their ePCR and their reports, and even had reports returned to them for errors or lack of quality. Meaning wasted time and there was even more work, something no one looks forward to.

Through an informative and hands-on selection process, the District chose ESO’s Fire Incidents and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions. One benefit identified during the selection process is the automated updates provided by ESO, taking the burden off the user, when NEMSIS makes changes.

In this case study, ESO highlights Iona-McGregor’s goals in implementing these solutions:

  • Save time submitting reports
  • Improve quality of reporting to ensure compliance
  • Automate submission process for NEMSIS 3 and NFIRS
  • Leverage data and insights to improve patient outcomes and department responsiveness
  • Highlight value of the district to the community

For more information on how Iona-McGregor Fire District was able to utilize ESO Fire Incidents and EHR download Iona-McGregor Fire District Case Study today.




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