Wave 2020 Sneak Peek: ‘Data Drives Interoperability’

Data plays a huge role in ensuring your pre-hospital care and emergency department is running efficiently and effectively. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re making the most of your data, and how you compare with other departments across the country, you won’t want to miss Wave 2020, the premier conference for data and tech in hospitals, EMS, and Fire.

Wave 2020 brings together some of the top innovators and most experienced experts to discuss how data can improve performance, perspective, and procedures. One of the 11 featured tracks is the Interoperability track, featuring a session titled, “Data Drives Interoperability.”

Presented by Chief Tim McIntosh, Port Aransas EMS (TX), Division of Emergency Services, this session will discuss the best ways to integrate outcomes data from ESO’s Health Data Exchange software into your training programs. This session will highlight the value of outcome data in understanding how to respond to STEMI, stroke, sepsis, and other trauma calls, as well as using HDE to train on improving QA practices. You’ll leave with real-world applications you can use to build up your own training programs.

ESO HDE delivers bi-directional, agnostic data sharing between EMS and hospitals. It connects EMS and hospitals via a secure, auditable method of data sharing, bringing EMS data to hospitals and hospital outcomes to EMS. Hospital clinicians can view critical EMS data in their EHR, virtually in real time. Plus, HDE gives hospital test results and outcomes back to EMS for quality improvement. This makes it easier than ever to do system quality improvement, and analyze the entire care continuum.

This year’s Wave conference will be held February 26-27, 2020 in Downtown Austin, Texas, and is designed to help attendees get more from their data. With innovative keynote presentations, informative breakout sessions covering real-world topics, and valuable networking events, Wave is a one-of-a-kind industry event. The main two-day Wave conference is also preceded by the ESO Training Academy (February 24-25), offering additional hands-on, specialized training on the ESO suite of products.

You can register now for the conference or find answers to any additional questions on the ESO Training Academy and Wave 2020 FAQ page. There are registration options for the ESO Training Academy, Wave, or a bundled price for both. You can also watch highlights from the Wave 2019 conference now.

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