Webinar: The EMS Revolution

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In 1776, scrappy American colonists challenged the British government and the world was never the same. In 2018, two new research studies are challenging EMS operations and it’s likely that once again, the world will never be the same.

Developed in partnership with JEMS and led by Drs. Brent Myers, Scott Bourn and Remle Crowe, “The EMS Revolution”  on-demand webinar examines the recent uprisings in stroke care and spinal motion restriction. By using these situations as examples the trio explain how it can be difficult to make change in care in EMS, and why sometimes you need a revolution. One of the overarching themes is to look at the patient holistically to make sure what we are doing for the patient is actually improving their overall condition.

Confirmation bias in EMS and Over-reliance on Tradition

Dr. Myers, Bourn, and Crowe address some of the biases that slip in the way and make it difficult to change care for patients, even when the evidence makes it clear that we should. This is not unique to EMS, but it is certainly prevalent because of structure.

They also tackle use of the statement “because we’ve always done it that way” as a default that it must be the right way to do things going forward. It’s been shown that even though we think as EMS providers that a patient looks okay in our hands, as soon as we pass them off to the hospital things change. So what can we do to change that?

Role of individual clinicians in change

The National Academies of Medicine, Science and Engineering gives Practice Guidelines and formed by the availability of evidence and a thorough assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative options, looking at both sides helps to fight confirmation bias. As clinicians the best things we can do to support change are to

  • Support the process of creating Practice Guidelines though our specialty societies.
  • Critically review proposed clinical guidelines and determine whether they are worth our trust.
  • Incorporate trustworthy guidelines into our practice as quickly as possible.

To learn more, watch the “EMS Revolution” today.

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