We’ve Moved!

Tad Druart

We are excited to announce that over the weekend, we moved our Austin headquarters to a new location. Our new space will allow us to better serve our customers and help us attract and retain the best talent to continue building and delivering the finest applications and software in the industry.

What makes our new office so great?

Well, we don’t like to brag, but a LOT. Specifically, we’re super excited about

  • A training room to be used for customer training events as well as to host local community groups needing a meeting space. With built-in video conferencing, this one room single-handedly and dramatically improves our ability to connect with the industry far beyond our four walls.
  • The ESO-branded ambulance in our front lobby. No kidding. It’s fully stocked with supplies and is a great physical reminder of what supporting community health and safety really means. (And our neighbors are really excited that we agreed to cut the sirens.)
  • Our central location in Austin’s thriving Domain neighborhood. Our corporate neighbors include Accruent, Amazon, Blackbaud, and HomeAway to name just a few. We also have retail and restaurant neighbors like Nordstrom, Microsoft and Punchbowl Social. Visit us, shop and eat all in one adventure!
  • Our indoor backyard. Our lunch room has green flooring and walls and patio lights hanging above it. A little bit of the outside inside. Our game room is also exceptionally cool.
  • Celebrating our roots with an Austin Java Coffee Shop themed kitchen. Way back in 2004, our co-founders set up shop at Austin Java and that’s where ESO was born. We pay homage to our hometown and our roots by making Austin Java the physical center of our new home.

In the weeks and months to come, the progress will continue. Through it all though, our customers and their needs come first. Renovations will occur with the least disruption possible and finishing touches will be added after-hours. In fact, this morning, on day one in our new home, it was business as usual for our team from the start.


  • Joshua Ishmael: You guys are unbelievable, keep pushing the standard forward. I'm a happy customer that is enjoying the ride.....right beside you.

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