ESO/PCRF Research Forum: May 5-7 2020

Event Date: 5.5.20 - 5.7.20

11500 Alterra Parkway, Austin TX

Now in its fourth session, the Research Forum, co-hosted by ESO and the Prehospital Care Research Forum, brings together clinical leaders, researchers, and data analysts to accelerate EMS research and ultimately, improve community health and safety through the power of data. During the three-day workshop, Forum participants will 

  • Learn the basics of EMS research methodology and gain familiarity with the role of Institutional Review Boards 
  • Discuss and refine research ideas to form clear and concise project aims  
  • Explore required data elements to determine viability and define the data query   
  • Start the literature review and development of the research abstract  

Past participants’ projects have been accepted by and presented at national conferences including NAEMSP and EMS World Expo 2019. To begin the registration process, please submit the form on this page; a follow-up email will be sent with next steps and a detailed questionnaire.  

ESO Research Forum Faculty 

Dr. Scott Bourn, ESO 

Dr. Remle Crowe, ESO 

David Page, UCLA 

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