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Software That's State of the Art. Always.

From Incident to Signature, ESO Makes it Easy to Produce Quality Clinical Documentation.

At ESO, we understand EMS like nobody else. We’re more than a vendor — we’re a partner that’s helping move the EMS profession forward. That’s why we designed EHR the way we did: It’s intuitive to use, so you can move from incident to signature quickly and while capturing the right information.


Make Better Treatment Decisions. Right at the Patient’s Side

EHR is more than a documentation tool — it’s a reference tool that helps you make better patient-care decisions in real time. Features such as patient lookup, specialty patient forms and integrations with Handtevvy and Quick Speak put the power in your hands to deliver the best in care.


Be the Smartest Person in the Room. Any Room.

EHR arms EMS chiefs, quality officers and administrators with the insights you need to monitor performance, optimize operations and improve protocols. With built-in Analytics, ESO turns data into actionable information so you’re always on top of your data game.


So Easy to Use, It’s Almost Fun.

EHR is the result of extensive research on how to make an EMS software tool easier to use. So, buttons are placed so you can hold that tablet like a steering wheel and operate the buttons with your thumbs. It’s so natural-feeling and easy to use, it’s almost like playing a video game (little surprise, because it was designed to be operated like one).


Exchange EHR + Incidents information

Save time by never filling out multiple reports for the same incident again. No matter who fills out the report, EMS or Fire, the information is easily exchanged between EHR and Incidents. 

Built-in Analytics

Our award-winning Analytics platform is designed to make data accessible for everyone on your team. From administrators to field personnel, Analytics delivers complex data in clear-cut dashboards. Click here to learn more about Analytics for EMS.

Patient Lookup

View patients’ medications, allergies, history and other critical data from past encounters.

Specialty Patient Forms

Drive clinically sound care for cardiac arrest, stroke, STEMI, overdose and many other patient types — and the list is growing. Specialty Patient Forms let you use EHR as a valuable reference tool.

QA/QI Reviews

Evaluate and elevate clinical and operational performance with built-in Quality Management. Our QM module helps reviewers identify and measure improvement opportunities, securely message crews and review records for billing and clinical purposes.

Handtevy Integration

Access Handtevy pediatric dosage and equipment information directly via the EHR user interface. This first-of-its kind integration eliminates the need to do math and provides real-time verification and documentation.

Integrated Billing

Never again worry about losing data or delaying payments — ESO handles the interfaces with billing and states. So, you’ll always have peace of mind.


Break through the language barrier. EHR’s QuickSpeak allows medics to determine a patient’s problem and explain treatments through a series of over 400 closed-ended questions divided into 20 categories of assessment and treatment — regardless of the patient’s spoken language.

Automated Submission

ESO strives to help EMRs save time in as many ways as possible which is why we automatically submit NEMSIS and NFIRS data to the state on your behalf.

Painless to Use

Navigate like a pro with an ePCR system that is easy to learn and even easier to operate. You’ll cut down on report writing time and have stronger clinical documentation with built-in features like specialty patient forms and patient lookup.

Worry Free Compliance

ESO EHR is NEMSIS v3.3.4 and 3.4.0 compliant so you can rest assured that you’ll meet state and federal standards. 

It’s All in One Place

Why deal with two different software applications and two different systems for EMS and Fire when you can do it with just one? With ESO, you can have everything in one place. Just the way it should be.

Automated Software Updates

Forget having to manually download updates to your ePCR, with EHR you’ll always get access to the newest online and mobile features. Best of all, no paying for upgrades, ever.

Creating Quality Improvement in Your EMS Agency
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Creating Quality Improvement in Your EMS Agency

Improving Patient Outcomes with Hospital & EMS Collaboration
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Improving Patient Outcomes with Hospital & EMS Collaboration

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

Don't just take our word for it...
I believe that there's fingerprints of paramedics in ESO EHR. You can see that it's written from a medic perspective in the workflow.
Dale Mount

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