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Ease of Use

If you can a mouse, you can use Analytics. We,ve made this award-winning platform so easy to operate, you can be up and running within minutes. Choose from dozens of prebuilt reports – and customize to your heart’s content. Or creat new measures from scratch. It’s up to you.


Make Complex Data Understandable.

Share metrics individually or in bundles, in a way anyone can understand.


Customize Your Reports.

Configure reporting to meet local needs or contractual reporting requirements.


Take Command of Your Data.

Want to fine-tune your inclusion criteria? Set Performance thresholds…


Merge Hospital and EMS data

Pairing Analytics with HDE allows hospitals and EMS agencies to achieve true system performance measures, from first medical contact to discharge.

Drill Down Into Your Data

Sometimes you need a high-level summary, and sometimes you need detail. Analytics does both: Start with a graphical view of overall performance, and then simply drag the sliders to view by quarter, month, week, day or even hour. You can even access patient-level data with a single click. With Analytics, you’re in control.

Automated Submission

ESO strives to help EMRs save time in as many ways as possible which is why we automatically submit NEMSIS and NFIRS data to the state on your behalf.

It's All in One Place

Why deal with two different software applications and two different systems for EMS and Fire when you can do it with just one? With ESO, you can have everything in one place. Just the way it should be.

Painless to Use

Navigate like a pro with an ePCR system that is easy to learn and even easier to operate. You’ll cut down on report writing time and have stronger clinical documentation with built-in features like specialty patient forms and patient lookup.

Automated Software Updates

Forget having to manually download updates to your ePCR, with EHR you’ll always get access to the newest online and mobile features. Best of all, no paying for upgrades, ever.

Worry Free Compliance

ESO EHR is NEMSIS v3.3.4 and 3.4.0 compliant so you can rest assured that you’ll meet state and federal standards.

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