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NFIRS Reporting Software: Fire Department Buyer’s Guide

How smart fire department leaders evaluate NFIRS reporting software

A fire department’s NFIRS reporting software is a key component of its administrative and technical infrastructure. It enables state reporting, creates historic records and collects the data necessary for making decisions.

Select your next NFIRS reporting software solution with confidence and ease by evaluating the right criteria and asking the tough questions. Read “The Smart Buyer’s Guide to NFIRS Reporting Software” for practical suggestions, including

  • Assess built-in validation functionality
  • Understand on-boarding timelines
  • Know available integrations such as ePCR or CAD
  • Avoid hidden costs like support or upgrades

For more helpful recommendations, how-to tips and important considerations, download “The Smart Buyer’s Guide to NFIRS Reporting Software” today.

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