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ESO Trends EMS Report 450x280

Be Prepared. Be Informed. Be Ahead.

Your data is only as good as the insights gleaned from it, which is why the ESO 2024 EMS Trend Report dives deeper into how departments around the country are navigating the massive amounts of information around them and interpreting it into actionable insights. At a time when call demands are surging and funding remains tight, we’re diving into the technological advancements and strategic innovations that the industry is turning towards to keep up.

So, what technologies, trends, and innovations can you anticipate in this next year?

Continued Focus on Retention and Recruitment 

Anticipating the Impact of AI and Other Advanced Technologies

Optimizing and Making the Most Out of Your Resources

Prioritizing Wellness for a Healthy EMS Team 

Leveraging Real-World Data for Better Outcomes

Clinical Changes to Meet Increased Expectations


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