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Manage last minute call-outs and open shifts intuitively with automated scheduling

We understand the importance of getting scheduling right. Our web-based scheduling tool automatically generates and populates schedules, easily manages sick calls, fills open shifts, manages time off, swaps and shift bids, and more to help you be efficient, save time, and save money.


Take Control with ESO Scheduling

ESO Scheduling provides employees and managers with a snapshot of daily schedules right from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Managers can quickly make assignments, schedule individuals and fill shifts with the most qualified people.


Create a Dialogue with Employees

Take your organization’s internal communication to the next level with Message Center. Message Center serves as a communication hub for managers and employees. You have the ability to send messages to employees and force acknowledgment of messages upon login. There is also an option to attach important documents.


Pinpoint Trends & Understand Your Scheduling Data

Reporting tools give you the ability to identify scheduling trends to help ensure provider safety, track provider availability and manage your crew effectively.

Time Off Bank Automation

Setup vacation, sick, PTO, and comp banks for auto accruals and deductions based on years of service.

Manage Employee Overtime with Ease

Keep a tight lid on overtime with in-application alerts when employees near or surpass their hourly threshold.

Holiday Pay Management

Automate holiday payroll policies so that Holiday Pay is generated with the click of a button.

Tardy and Absence Tracking

Track points on employees as they are late or absent for shifts and receive notifications when they are due for disciplinary action.

Automated Certification Tracking

Keeping accurate records of certifications and licenses is simple with our fully integrated tools. Ensure that only employees with up-to-date credentials are out in the field.

Built-in Reporting

Access a variety of out-of-the-box and dynamic reporting options. From scheduling, timekeeping, payroll information, and employee data.

Dynamic Dashboards

In a fast-paced environment, nothing is more important than having the right data at your fingertips. Quickly navigate to your most used features with dynamic dashboards.

Online Timeclocks

Appears on designated devices as employees clock in or out, early or late while feedback is requested for easy exception reconciliation.

Biometric Timeclocks

Validate employee in/out times using a fingerprint scan and capture comments as employees arrive or leave early or late.

Quarantine Report

This feature allows you to flag an employee as quarantined, prompts you to remove the employee from the schedule, and provides reporting to see which employees are in quarantine status. 

Streamlined Automated Scheduling Processes

Clunky manual processes are a thing of the past. Seamlessly manage scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll operations all from one platform. Adopt the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality, it’s nice.

Stress-Free Compliance

Track and manage employee certifications and licenses with ESO Scheduling to have the right people, working at the right time, every time.

Track Scheduling Improvements

Without data, improvement can’t happen. Track and manage overtime trends, payroll accuracy, and so much more with our robust reporting capabilities. Sport your progress with detailed, easy to read reports.

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

Identifying EMS Data Safety + Care
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Identifying EMS Data Safety + Care

Employee Retention
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Employee Retention

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ESO Scheduling has saved us a great deal of time in processing schedules, decreasing our overtime costs, and streamlining our payroll processes.
Ross Terranova
Human Resource Manager For Senior Care EMS, NY

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