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Fire Properties and Inspections Software

Whether you have a small engine company or run complex inspections, ESO Properties and Inspections will help you keep track of the data you need to be prepared for emergency responses.

Properties tracks all pre-planning aspects of today’s fire service for improved operations during emergency response. CAMEO look up, along with chemicals and tanks, allow you to quickly know which chemicals are on site. While property, building and occupant hierarchy and history provide easy access to historical and NFIRS incident data.

Inspections offers the flexibility you need to perform simple to large scale inspections by offering agency configurable checklists and unlimited code sets to ensure users collect the data needed for keeping people and property safe.


Preplanning Made Easy

Improve and enhance your operations during emergency responses with a preplan that gives you all the information you need.


Keep People and Property Safe

Configurable checklists, on-site tracking, on the spot scheduling and more allows you to perform any type of inspection at any time.


One Step Ahead

Using Properties and Inspections gives you the tools to arrive on scene prepared and aware of your surroundings, allowing you to do your job with confidence.


More Codes, More Flexibility

Unlimited code sets offer the flexibility you need to complete a variety of inspections. From NFPA standards to ICC, you can access them easily with Properties and Inspections.

Customized Checklists

Each department has its own way of doing things, so why should everyone’s software act the same? Properties and Inspections is configurable to your internal processes, allowing you to customize checklists according to your needs.

Intuitive Interface

Leave no stone unturned with a natural workflow that walks you through each inspection step by step.

On-Site Tracking

Capture key data on the scene. Take photos of violations, document signatures and even schedule future inspections right from your device. Properties and Inspections makes tracking pivotal data a breeze.

Code search

With the code search feature, you can quickly and easily add ad-hoc violations when doing your inspections.

CAMEO Interaction

Knowing the most current information and warnings around chemicals is crucial to everyone’s health and safety. With ESO Properties, you simply enter the name of the chemical and you’ll be provided with the latest CAMEO information, so you can plan responses and predict hazards. And bonus – you can also see historical chemical records for a property.

Capture Key Information on Your Terms

Snap a photo of a violation, document signatures and collect violations on site. With Properties and Inspections, you can capture key information when and where it is most convenient for you.

Improved Situational Awareness

Properties and Inspections provides you with the preplan data you need most to understand how best to respond to an emergency, including the property, building and occupant hierarchy.

Saving is Simple

With the easy-to-follow and fluid workflow, you’ll be completing inspections faster than ever, saving you time and money.


You determine what you need so you only gather the most important information to get your job done in a pinch.

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

Improving Large Scale Fire Operations with a Full Fire RMS
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Improving Large Scale Fire Operations with a Full Fire RMS

The Value of an Integrated Fire RMS
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The Value of an Integrated Fire RMS

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