EMS Activities Software

You already provide exemplary clinical care for your community, and now you can highlight your non-response activities to show added value. ESO Activities helps you tell the story of how your agency spends its time on community events and operational tasks, allowing you to show your value in the community.


Stay on Top of your To-Do List

Configurable lists with recurring and automated tasks keep you and your crews informed on what needs to be done for the day.


Engage with your Community 

Easily schedule events and track your department’s time and engagement with the community.


Ensure Clear Communication 

Share important information from shift to shift or station to station so everyone is on the same page of what has been done and what’s still pending.


Capture Non-Response Activities

Document time spent on community outreach events and operational tasks to get the full picture of what’s happening in your agency.  

Community Outreach Documented

Track and record community outreach hours for programs you participate in or provide such as car seat checks, CPR training, school visits and more. 

Powerful Reporting for Grant Writing

Strengthen grant applications with data collected in ESO Activities. Comprehensive data collection across age group interactions, activity types, times, locations and more gives you all you need to include your time investment in the community.  

Daily Operations Simplified

Weekly station restocks? Check. Daily clean-up? Done. Make sure your station tasks get assigned and completed. Automated, configurable recurring tasks and to-do lists based on your specific station needs keep you on top of operations.

Increase Efficiency

Configurable, recurring, and automated task lists make the ultimate combination for saving you time and increasing efficiency for your station.  

Ease of use

Documenting and tracking non-call activities is effortless with our intuitive workflows and modern interface. 

Capture Rich Data

Collect the detailed data you need to apply for grants or report back to community leaders. Log event types, interactions, time invested as well as personnel and units involved. 

Station Insights

Always be in the know of what’s going on at your station and stop misinterpreting handwritten shift notes. With ESO Activities, you can view completed/pending station tasks and digital shift notes, so you know where your station stands for the day and passed down communication is crystal clear. 

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

Introduction to ESO Activities
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Introduction to ESO Activities

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