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Fire Permits Software

Bridge the gap between permit, inspection, and property records. ESO Permits joins forces with ESO Properties and Inspections to help you track and issue permits, record fee revenue and ensure compliance with local ordinances. 


Issue permits with ease

Effortlessly issue permits as part of an inspections record or as a standalone.  Provide owners with a displayable permit in minutes. 


Track and prioritize

Stay on top of managing your permits with straightforward filtering and search features to help you prioritize permitting needs.


Detailed reporting

Easily run reports that capture all necessary information to track trends, permit types, fees, and more.


Inspection Records Tied to Permits

Save time by easily creating and adding a permit to an inspection record ensuring everything is in one place and right where you need it. 

Process Documentation

Create configurable checklists for processing permits and ensurthe correct process is always followed by your team. 

Track Fees

Document and track permitting fees and stay on top of annual permitting revenue. 

Historical Permit Information

Need to know what permits a property has been issued in the past? Historical permitting types, status and other information across properties are right at your fingertips when you need them.

Quick Filtering and Searching

Improve the prioritization of your permitting responsibilities by having the ability to easily filter by permit type, status, recipient, expiration and effective date so you always know what to do first.  

Permits for Display

Send PDF of a permit to property owners that can be framed and displayed at the property. 

Save Time

With effortless filtering, searching, and management of permit records, you’ll accomplish more in less time – you may even wonder what else you can do with all the extra time you saved!

Organize Records

Say “so long” to the days of spending hours searching for permit data. ESO Permits keeps your permits, inspections, and property records in one organized place.

Easy to Use

Outdated and clunky software can slow you down and create more work. We’ve made ESO Permits easy to use, train on and implement so you can invest your time in completing permit activities instead of figuring out complex software.

Reporting with Confidence

Make informed decisions, analyze trends, track fee revenue and know you always have the most accurate data at hand with built-in, easy to use reporting.

Integrated for Simplicity

ESO Permits is built into ESO Properties and Inspections, allowing you to see all past and present permits on property records, create permits as part of an inspection record, and more.

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

Fire RMS
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Fire RMS

ESO Fire RMS - Features You Need
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ESO Fire RMS - Features You Need

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