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What's the Vision?

We have a vision to facilitate collaboration between the prehospital, in-hospital, and post-acute care environments. We believe a seamless integration of data across all three domains allows more time to be spent on improving patient outcomes (and less time on entering data). To realize this vision, ESO will build a new, next generation patient registry software platform capable of handling all service lines and patient types.

In the meantime, we will continue to fully support products from CDM by ESO, DI by ESO, and Lancet by ESO.

What's the new product platform?
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We will create a patient-focused, data-driven registry product

We will create a singular, modern, cloud-based platform to manage all aspects of patient registry – including trauma, burn, cardiac, stroke, and others. Built on core demographics and foundational clinical data, ESO Patient Registry will help hospitals quickly and easily turn clinical data into information and knowledge when they need it.

ESO Patient Registry will drive value add for our customers through service line specific insights, support quality review, and provide reporting for today’s registry needs.

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We will deliver data integration across the entire continuum of care

Today data is often trapped inside silos, which creates a gap in understanding the holistic patient story. To close the gap, ESO Patient Registry will aggregate, stitch together, and highlight data from a variety of sources to create real-time decision support and integrated loop closure. The future of navigating patient data across the entire continuum of care includes combining data from EMS, referring facilities, specialty systems – and even outgoing data from transitional care facilities such as rehab, LTAC, SNFs and more – to generate deeper understanding and improve the way we deliver care for patients.

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We will develop a research-driven approach to clinical care

At ESO, our mission is to improve community health and safety through the power of data. By delivering a new way forward for registry data collection and integration, we will be able to support research efforts within EMS, fire, hospital, and registry. The concept of understanding a patient’s journey from 911 call to disposition to discharge and beyond will no longer be a patchwork quilt of data points but an interconnected story that drives improved patient care, quality improvement, performance improvement, and more thorough responses to time-sensitive emergencies.

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Patient Registry and HDE

Your Patient Registry software and ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE) are a match made in heaven. For the first time in our industry’s history, we have insight into time-sensitive emergencies and patient data from the 911 call all the way to the patient leaving the hospital.

ESO HDE is the lynchpin to connect the prehospital and in-hospital environments to complete the care continuum and deliver quality improvement across the board. With HDE, you can automatically enter EMS records into your patient registry and easily generate patient outcome data to drive performance improvement.

Learn more about ESO HDE.


How does being with ESO impact me/us?

You should see little to no immediate impact. You will continue to work with the products you know and the people you trust. In the short term, we plan to integrate EMS data directly into these registry products. Over time, we plan to modernize these products and technology to integrate them into our ecosystem, providing a much richer view of a patient from dispatch to disposition. Ultimately, this will help all of us improve both patient and provider care and safety.

How does being part of ESO benefit us?  

In the short term, you can expect accelerated innovation, access to complementary solutions with better integration, improvements in service and support, and access to thought leadership and best practices. Your investment will not only be protected, it will ultimately result in your having access to the best technology, ideas, and people dedicated to your success. For the long term, we have a vision to create collaboration between the prehospital and in-hospital environments. We believe in a seamless integration of data into the registry, allowing more time to improve care (less time on entering data). Conversely, we believe prehospital teams can only improve if they get feedback from the in-hospital environment.

Will our contracts/agreements change?  

No, they will stay the same until your renewal date.

Will service change?  

Service will only improve. You will have access to the same quality support and service you are receiving now, and we will continue to improve service and support over time.

What about training? Will we still have access to training?  

Yes! Absolutely! We’ve streamlined the training registration process to make it easier to select and sign up for classes, webinars and sessions. You can sign up for training courses for Lancet by ESO, DI by ESO,and CDM by ESO.

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