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Interested in upgrading your ePCR or your fire records management system? Want to make your data make sense — and support your organization’s needs? Looking to learn how to use patient outcomes to improve prehospital care? We’re here to help. From dispatch to data entry, personnel management to EMS billing, our fire and EMS experts can show you how we can help your department meet your goals, step by step.

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The biggest positive benefit of EHR is it’s really designed for touch screen use. With our old ePCR, we were having to use a stylus very frequently in the field, and it just wasn’t very user-friendly for real-time data collection. And now ultimately the only thing we use the stylus for is signatures. And outside of that, everything can be activated by a finger. It’s been an incredibly significant improvement from what we were using.

John NankervisAssistant Chief of EMS for Shoreline Fire Department

The word that best describes our relationship with ESO is collaboration. I’ve heard the input from providers during the Wave Conference and then actually seen the product change from that input. To me that is just inspiring. It’s not just a company driving the product, but actually taking customer input and making changes off that input. That collaboration is amazing.

Dale MountEMS Chief for McMinnville Fire Department

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