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ESO software has the power to help healthcare and safety personnel leverage their data and work smarter than ever before. User training is a key step on the path to success yet there’s no doubt that it can be difficult to coordinate traditional training for an entire organization.

With ESO On-Demand Learning, your staff can hone their ESO software skills without the inconvenience and interruption of scheduled, group classes — and without breaking the budget!


Software Training that Covers All the Bases

ESO ODL offers online training for our integrated suite of EMS, Fire and Hospital software. Our catalog of courses is built to inform and engage with formats including interactive presentations, recorded virtual training and live, instructor-led classes. Look for our catalog to expand with new courses on ESO software products and features, as well as specific applications and issues.


Give Your Team the Flexibility They Need

The unpredictable nature of providing health and safety services makes finding a solid block of time to focus on training a serious challenge. With ESO ODL, teams can learn our software at their own pace — anytime and anywhere there is Internet access. Users can also pause ESO ODL courses to better accommodate interruptions. This is training delivered just how your team wants it!


Ensure Training Goals are Met

Give staff more control over their own software training while affording managers real-time oversight. Managers can assign learning plans or individual courses and then monitor their progress. Quizzes verify material is being absorbed by staff. Visibility comes through learning cards, dashboards, calendars, and notifications geared to one’s role in ODL.

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