Fire Hydrant Software

ESO Hydrants delivers everything you need to keep your hydrants network operative and running smoothly. Record hydrant data and track maintenance and service tasks allowing you to improve situational awareness and easily provide all the right data for ISO requirements.  


All of Your Hydrants Info in One Place

Leave no detail out with hydrant detail capture including make/model/color/style, location, class, main type and ownership information 

Manage Your Repairs & Maintenance

Perform flow test, repairs, service, recalls, painting and other maintenance task recording. 

Mapping Makes Hydrant Management Easy

Easily locate hydrants and update key information while out in the field with embedded mapping.  

Save Time with Bulk Scheduling

No more time wasted on individually scheduling tasks for hydrant maintenance and inspections. ESO Hydrants lets you set up bulk scheduling so you can stay ahead of your to-do list.  

Multiple Filtering Views

Filter by work assignment, status, location and more. You can see everything you need to keep abreast of your hydrant network.  

Integrated with ESO Properties

Stop guessing which hydrants are out of service or need maintenance. Hydrants seamlessly connects with records built in ESO Properties, which means your preplans are always up to date.

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software
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Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

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