Say goodbye to your old ePCR. And hello to ESO EHR.

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR), the next generation of ePCR software, offers a beautiful interface that makes producing quality EMS clinical documentation easy. And with powerful Analytics built in, it arms you with the most useful tool of all: data.

What You’ll Get with EHR

  • An ePCR compliant with NEMSIS 3 and all state requirements
  • Intuitive interface and workflows
  • Better treatment decisions in real time
  • Built-in Analytics to make EMS data understandable
  • Automatic data submission to your state and billing operation

What Customers are Saying

To anyone who is considering ESO, I would highly recommend it. Their employees will be happier and their charts will be done quicker and more completely. Our crews have been cutting probably 15 minutes per chart by switching to ESO EHR.
Chris Woolfolk, Chief Paramedic for Hanover Township Community Ambulance

I would recommend ESO’s ePCR to anyone in the industry. One of the best things about it, I think, is Analytics. I haven’t seen a more complete analytics package in any other product on the market. I have been able to obtain so much valuable information and data from analytics. Being able to visualize and utilize data helps make our training and patient care better.
Brooke Burton, Quality Director for Gold Cross Ambulance in Salt Lake City

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESO EHR an electronic health record or electronic patient care record (ePCR)? 

ESO EHR is a NEMSIS 3 compliant ePCR for EMS organizations providing clinical documentation and powerful analytics that makes EMS data easy to understand.

Is ESO EHR a cloud-based ePCR?

Yes. We securely host ESO EHR in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Are there fees for updates?

No. With ESO EHR you’ll have an ePCR that is always up-to-date with no additional fees.

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