Security, Traceability and Accountability for Controlled Substances  

NarcBox narcotics inventory management and tracking device

Full narcotics tracking designed specifically for EMS and fire industries. ESO’s partnership with NarcBox delivers full controlled substance inventory management, medication tracking and shift-change verification for policy enforcement and DEA compliance.

NarcBox offers durable controlled substance storage with quick yet secure digital entry options and robust reporting capabilities. The combination allows EMS leaders to be confident in their security, trace substance access, and maintain agency-wide accountability. When your agency uses NarcBox, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Detailed date and time access reports 
  • Use reports including administration, waste, and inventory 
  • Vial tracking including lot numbers, expiration dates, and temperature alerts 
  • Quick access with PIN, RFID, and biometric finger scanning options 
  • Alerts to supervisors of unauthorized accesses or failed entry attempts

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