TrackEMS®, The Future of EMS and Hospital Communications

Receive, activate, and prepare with TrackEMS®

Improve patient care through secure and efficient communication between EMS professionals and hospital emergency departments. Hospital personnel receive advance alerts from EMS in the field, helping them to

  • Identify the most time-sensitive emergencies with easy to use dashboards
  • Activate specialty teams to improve turnaround times and response
  • Prepare rooms and materials before patients arrive

EMS professionals benefit from the familiarity of a smartphone app to aid in job performance, improved accuracy with images and data, and integration with ESO’s Electronic Health Record ePCR. To learn how TrackEMS® can improve patient care and public health in your community, request a demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TrackEMS® HIPAA compliant?

Yes, TrackEMS® is a HIPAA compliant notification app. You can rest assured that any data transmitted will be safe and secure.

DoesTrackEMS® integrate with any ePCR solutions?

TrackEMS® integrates with ESO Electronic Health Record to ensure EMS professionals won’t need to do the same work twice.

What hardware is required for TrackEMS®?

The TrackEMS® app can run on Apple and Android devices. Hospital personnel access information via web login through standard browsers.

TrackEMS® is a registered trademark of Innovative Communications, LLC, licensed to ESO Solutions.