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Recover every dollar you’re entitled to.

Whether you’re billing for one agency or 100, your success all comes down to one goal: maximizing reimbursement for services provided, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For EMS Agencies

ESO Billing improves the billing process and minimizes the cost for each claim processed. You’ll enjoy greater efficiencies, improved transparency and more revenue.

For Billing Companies

For billing companies, ESO allows the flexibility to configure the software to support your core business practices that differentiate you from your competitors. We remove the bottlenecks to growing your business by allowing unlimited agencies and users in the system as well as the capability to import any NEMSIS based patient care report.

How-to’s, Case Studies & Success Stories

5 EMS Billing Metrics That Matter

Want to maximize your organization’s revenue while minimizing time to reimbursement? From the QA/QI process to receiving payment, here’s what you should be measuring.

ESO Solutions Key Performance Indicators

Establishing a systematic, ongoing measurement of billable incident accountability as a key performance indicator (KPI) can reflect your organization’s commitment to its own financial well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EHR can directly import data into the Billing tool, ensuring that the data collected in the field cuts down work in your billing office.

Yes. Not only does HDE demographics and insurance data import into Billing, your billing teams can access an easy point-and-click merge tool to capitalize on the best and most complete parts of both data sets.

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