Why You Need an ePCR Integration

Selecting a Fire RMS

Posted on July 23, 2020
Tags: Fire


Hello, my name is Bill Gardner. I’m a retired fire chief with 35 years in public safety, both fire and EMS. The Fire Service of today has taken on many challenges. We’ve become the collection for so many things, be it from fires to hazmat to certain agencies dealing with explosive devices, certain agencies doing community health. The one thing that is consistent is fire departments running and responding to emergency medical calls into medical assist.

The ability to document those items efficiently and quickly is crucial. Today there is pressure for timeliness of information. The crews ability to be available to do the next thing. Our volunteers that are spending time away from their families and ability to get back to a home life. The ability to balance those things. An integration from your EHR into your fire incident is a necessity. Trying to do reporting without an integration is problematic. 80% of your calls should not have twice as many records management tasks, it should flow.

The ability for that integration to take information entered one time, allowing it to flow through the system, cuts down on mistakes, cuts down on duplication of issues, and allows the responders to stay focused on their patient knowing that information is taken care of by the system. It also gives you a chance for that responder to get that information, get it into the system, the system correctly evaluate that information, file that fire incident report and use that incident reporting data, for your grants for your state requirements for your federal requirements, to be able to show your local people what they’re doing.

The men and women of the fire service today are doing so many great things, the ability to make use of their time with an EHR to fire incident integration is just rewarding them for what they need to do.

It also provides them the opportunity to see what they’ve done, and to get high-level feedback for quality improvement and the ability for that information to show your community the difference you make. We owe it to the people that we respond to. We owe it to the people that are paying the bill to make sure that we provide the most timely and efficient information.

EHR to fire incidents integration does that and we should all consider making that part of our everyday world. Hope this helps. Be safe and take care.