Bi-Monthly ESO Asset Management & Checklists Demo Webinars

Event Date: 2.10.22 - 12.15.22


Improve your agency’s operations with ESO Asset Management and ESO Checklists. ESO Asset Management provides you with the tools you need to track assets from procurement to retirement with real-time reporting, configurable user management, and asset tracking. ESO Checklists allows you to go beyond the spreadsheet and paper checklists with dynamic and customizable checklists, a streamlined workflow, and robust reporting capabilities that let you keep your crews aligned and your operations efficient. In this demo, you will

  • Learn how to create customized dynamic checklists and dashboards.
  • Discover Quick Checks and how to perform them at any time.
  • Learn how to create asset profiles to capture serial numbers and other details.
  • Uncover asset life tracking.
  • And more.

Join us every other Wednesday to meet ESO Asset Management and ESO Checklists – the software solution your agency deserves!

When: Every Other Wednesday at 1 p.m. CT
Where: Virtual
Speaker: Sean McLeod, EMS and Fire Technology Expert

Sean McLeod ESO

Before joining ESO over five years ago, Sean McLeod worked as a Medical Technician in the southern California area. He now serves as an EMS and fire department technology expert at ESO. 


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