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2021 Report on Fire Service Trends and Predictions 

Predictions for fire departments in the new year

Our ESO fire service experts looked at emerging trends and predictions fire departments should prepare for in the new year

Two heads are better than one, they say. When it comes to planning for the year ahead, we think a whole team and millions of data points are even better. That’s exactly what the ESO fire service technology and research teams have done to form the 2021 ESO Fire Service Predictions.

4 Predictions in Our Fire Service Trends Report 

2021 will present both challenges and opportunities for fire departments nationwide. Community budgets and emergency response are being strained by the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, putting more stress on providers. 

In our report, ESO experts discuss four key trends that fire departments should anticipate and prepare for in 2021:

  1. Provider safety will continue to be a core issue, especially around mental health and well-being.  
  2. Budgets will be severely affected by COVID-19.  
  3. Recruitment will be a key area of focus. 
  4. Fire service will grow in public health responsibility.  

2021 will bring new challenges for fire departments as well as opportunities to strengthen provider safety, streamline operations, and enhance collaboration with public health professionals. Our 2021 report will give you guidance on how to practically prepare and respond to these trends. To get the latest fire service trends and insights, download the full 2021 Fire Service Predictions guide today.

2021 Report on Fire Service Trends and Predictions

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