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2022 ESO EMS Predictions

Predictions for EMS agencies this year.

Once the clock struck midnight, our team rubbed our magical ESO crystal ball to see what would happen with EMS in 2022. Not really, but it sounds cool, right? As with anything, we asked our subject matter experts their thoughts and then dove into the data to bring you the 2022 ESO EMS Predictions.

Our EMS experts have compiled the trends they believe are the most important to watch this year. Accompanying each trend is a recommended set of actions you can take to help ensure success in 2022.

4 Predictions in Our EMS Predictions Report

  1. EMS agencies will continue to face staffing challenges
  2. COVID-19 will permanently change EMS – both positively and negatively
  3. New measures for success will emerge
  4. Wearables and other emerging technology will have an impact

Infographic EMS Predictions Paper

For more information on how to practically prepare for and respond to these trends, download the full 2022 ESO EMS Predictions report today.

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