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2023 ESO Fire Service Index

Insights and Best Practices for Fire Departments

A logical way to measure the performance of a fire department is to gauge how quickly they respond to emergencies—turnout time, travel time, response time, etc. While these are important metrics, measuring time alone does not paint the full picture of a fire department’s performance.

Now, in its fourth year, the 2023 ESO Fire Service Index  analyzes data from more than 4.5 million incidents nationwide from January 1, 2022-December 31, 2022.  ESO’s research team has designed this report to give fire departments a benchmark or point of reference for evaluation and improvement.  This provides fire departments a starting framework to continually refine strategies, increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and allocate resources appropriately.

This Index helps answers such as:

  • What are our most common response types overall? Among fire calls?
  • How many of our responses are EMS compared to fire?
  • For fire calls, what are the most common property types we respond to?
  • How much property loss was reported overall?
  • How quickly do we respond to a call on average?
  • How frequently are firefighters documenting decontamination procedures?

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