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Buyer’s Guide: EMS Medical Supply Inventory Management

Buyer's Guide: A Discussion of Selection Criteria and Factors

Selecting the ideal software to help your agency manage your EMS supply inventory can be tricky. Taking the time to review your needs and how each software product might fulfill them is well the worth the effort. At its best, inventory management software can simplify processes, improve readiness, and reduce costs. On the flip side, a poor selection can result in reduced efficiency and wasted resources.

This buyer’s guide discusses key issues to consider when evaluating your options so you can make the best possible choice for your agency. It covers typical problems agencies like yours face (such as stockouts and medication waste) and how specific features may be able to help you address them. Other topics include evaluating software ease of use, help with compliance, related costs and savings, and technology strategy issues. Skip to the end to find a handful of essential questions to ask potential vendors.


ESO Inventory Buyer's Guide

ESO Inventory Buyer’s Guide

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