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Let’s Talk Real Numbers: Combatting EMS Burnout

With turnover among EMS hovering at 25% per year and costing more than $7700 per paramedic, data-driven strategies can help you improve employee retention.

At what cost are we losing EMS professionals to burnout and turnover? And what can we do to prevent it? In this on-demand webinar, “Let’s Talk Real Numbers: Combatting EMS Burnout”, you will learn strategies to identify high-risk experiences within your organization that can be acted upon to improve employee retention.

How can data drive these efforts? Watch as Dr. Remle Crowe and Dr. Antonio Fernandez discuss the latest research related to burnout and turnover in EMS, along with how agencies can leverage the power of data to monitor factors related to burnout, take action and reduce turnover.

You’ll learn about data-driven strategies including:

  • Monitoring assault on providers
  • Tracking critical incidents detrimental to mental health
  • Recording exposures to dangerous substances or diseases like COVID-19
  • Providing follow-up on patient outcomes after transfer of care at the emergency department



Headshot of Remle Crowe


Dr. Crowe is an expert in using data to power quality improvement and research initiatives in EMS. From truck clutches to clinical care, she has shown how improvement science and sound research methodology work to solve problems across fields. As an EMT with a passion for advancing EMS, she earned her PhD in epidemiology and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. Now, as a research scientist at ESO, Dr. Crowe routinely uses data to improve community health and safety.


Headshot of Antonio Fernandez ANTONIO R. FERNANDEZ, PhD, NRP, FAHA

Dr. Fernandez is a research scientist at ESO. He has been a nationally certified paramedic for over 15 years. In 2010, Dr. Fernandez completed the NREMT EMS Research Fellowship and earned his doctorate in Epidemiology at The Ohio State University. Before he came to ESO, Dr. Fernandez worked on state repository EMS research as Research Director for the EMS Performance Improvement Center at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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