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2023 ESO EMS Predictions

Predictions for EMS agencies this year.

With 2022 behind us, what does the new year have in store for the EMS providers? We asked our subject matter experts their thoughts and dove into the data to bring you the 2023 ESO EMS Predictions.  

Our EMS experts have four key trends to pay attention to this year, with recommended actions you and your agency can take in 2023.

Our EMS Predictions for the Year Ahead

  1. Applicant pools will decrease while pandemic pressures persist.  
  2. EMS providers will fill critical healthcare gaps through clinical innovations.    
  3. Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) will play a much bigger role in patient care. 
  4. Technology and data will drive improved patient outcomes.  

For more information on how to practically prepare for and respond to these trends, download the full 2023 ESO EMS Predictions report today.

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