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Improving Safety with Fire Data | On-Demand Webinar

Co-Hosted with Fire Engineering Magazine

Community risk reduction and firefighter cancer prevention and treatment are two of the most critical conversations in the fire service. In both cases, more data is available to guide decisions than often realized.

Listen as Chief Bill Gardner, technologist Cheryl Black and Fire Engineering magazine explore the various ways fire department leaders can use data to improve community safety and reduce health risks for their crews. In this one-hour, on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • What data sources within your department are useful
  • Where to find complementary external data sources
  • How to effectively (and simply) turn data into action
  • Affordable tactics for reducing carcinogenic exposure

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About Chief Bill Gardner
Bill Gardner began his firefighting career in 1985, working at various Municipal Fire, Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Departments throughout Texas. Promoting through the ranks, he expanded his technical skills, knowledge base, and leadership experience.  Throughout his career, he has obtained several certifications including; Texas Commission on Fire Protection Master FF and TCFP Certified Instructor, SFFMA Master FF, Fire Prevention Specialist, Certification Coordinator and Level II Instructor, as well as Certified Paramedic. Bill is the former fire chief for Leander Fire Department, a combination career/volunteer department serving 60,000 residents in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and an instructor at fire academies and programs in his community. He is currently the Senior Director of Fire Products for ESO.

About Cheryl Black
Cheryl Black began her career in data and technology in 2006. In that time she has shared technology best practices with many industries including education, social services and public safety. Currently she is a director at ESO, a leading provider of software and data services for public safety and health organizations.

About Fire Engineering
For more than 140 years, Fire Engineering magazine has provided training, education, and management information for fire and emergency services personnel worldwide. Articles are written by experts in the fire service and focus on lessons-learned. Feature articles cover real-life situations such as collapse void search, confined space rescue, high-angle rescue, and extrication.

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