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Wave 2021: Leadership Awareness & Predictive Fire Models

Learn how leadership and predictive models can shape the fire service

Using predictive models to identify buildings and residents most likely to experience a fire has come a long way in the last decade. In this session, we discussed how departments can partner with local data groups and universities and what you can do with predictive models. Dr. Matt Hinds-Aldrich joined us to explain the good, the bad, and the ugly lessons on how these projects have been initiated, launched and maintained so other departments can start their own.

We also welcomed Dr. Brandi Plunkett, Executive Director of the Center for Executive Development at Texas A&M University. She spoke on the organizational impact of leadership awareness and bias, and how fire leaders can influence culture change for better outcomes.


Dr. Matt Hinds-Aldrich

Dr. Matt Hinds-Aldrich has led numerous national initiatives and projects to improve how fire departments across the country and globe collect, analyze and use data to focus their efforts, improve their operations, and demonstrate their value. At American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) he helps lead the development, expansion, and adoption of the FLAMES (Fire Loss and Mitigation Evaluation Score) methodology for insurers to assess local fire protection and mitigation efforts. Dr. Hinds-Aldrich previously worked for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) leading the development of a new national fire data system, Atlanta Fire Rescue Department as a Senior Management Analyst and at Anna Maria College as an Assistant Professor and interim Fire Science Program Director.

Dr. Brandi Plunkett

Dr. Brandi Plunkett joined the Center for Executive Development (CED) at Texas A&M University in late 2014. In the role of Executive Director, she is responsible for the overall administration of the CED as well as the strategic and financial performance of the Global Programs within the center.

Throughout her 29-year career in the education and training field, Dr. Plunkett has developed or championed the expansion of programs across multiple areas. Her last 19 years working within the university system include graduate, administrative and leadership roles at the system and college level. As Program Director for one of the largest divisions in the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, an organization that trains more than 100,000 students annually worldwide, she created and led the enterprise-based Leadership Development Program and directed four additional programs as well.

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