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Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety

A strong preplan system for a fire department isn’t just a “nice to have”; it can effectively improve firefighter safety, reduce property loss, and save lives. But often it is overlooked as mere paperwork, putting providers and the community at risk.

Building a strong system is time — and energy — well spent. To help your fire department hit the ground running with first-rate preplans, consider these five strategies:

cover of Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety white paper

1. Plan for your preplan.

2. Keep track of property history and changes.

3. Understand your occupants.

4. Document preplans visually.

5. Share and distribute preplans.

For more information on how to practically implement these at your fire department, download “Five Pre-plans Strategies to Improve Provider Safety” today.

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