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Targeting EMS Burnout in the Workplace

EMS-specific actions your agency can take to overcome burnout

EMS professionals routinely face extreme physical and mental demands on the job. Over time, when these intense job demands outweigh job resources, burnout can occur. While there are many pathways to lessen stress and anxiety for individuals, new research shows that improving EMS work environments can contribute to a reduction in burnout.  

In the worksheet, you’ll find the below sections paired with EMS-specific actions your agency can take that have shown to reduce burnout in the workplace: 

  • Allow Job Autonomy  
  • Provide Clinical Performance Feedback   
  • Create Social Support Networks 
  • Deliver Adequate Training  

There is no time like the present to begin making adjustments in your agency, especially when those changes can help set your crew up for success. Download your copy of the worksheet today! 

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