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2022 ESO Trauma Index

Insights and Best Practices for Trauma System Stakeholders

How does your organization compare to other organizations around the country when it comes to patient care? Which metrics can affect your organization and the patients you serve?

The 2022 Trauma Index is a point of reference for hospitals and trauma centers to identify which metrics are in alignment with other organizations around the country and which metrics represent an opportunity for improvement–or at least further assessment and evaluation.

The 2022 Trauma Index uses ESO data compiled from nearly 550 participating hospitals and represents 884,456 patient records from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021.

Here are some of the questions the 2022 Trauma Index will help you ask and investigate using your own data:

  • Should my organization evaluate how we use whole blood versus packed red blood cells for traumatic injuries?
  • In the case of open long bone fractures, is my organization administering antibiotics early enough to reduce the risk of infection and complications?
  • How quickly is my organization moving geriatric patients with hip fractures from the Emergency Department to the Operating Room? Do we need to evaluate our processes?
  • How effectively is my organization mitigating and reducing common hospital events (such as unplanned admission to the ICU and delirium) compared to national data?
  • Do my organization’s mortality rates compared to Injury Severity Score align with national data?

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