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Contract Manager


About ESO

ESO is a rapidly growing technology company passionate about improving community health and safety through the power of data. We provide software applications, interoperability and data management solutions to emergency medical services, fire departments and hospitals.

We’re small enough to be nimble and fun, but big enough to be a great, stable place work. We serve more than 14,000 customers out of our offices in Austin, Texas and Des Moines, Iowa.

About the role

ESO is seeking a Contract Manager. This is our most complex customer-focused legal job, and you will be responsible for negotiating everything from million-dollar hospital agreements against teams of attorneys to patiently explaining legal verbiage to a concerned fire chief. In addition, you will be responsible for amending existing customer contracts and using Salesforce to communicate your results to other teams in our organization. It will be necessary to do all of this with a customer-focused demeanor – you must be capable of holding the line in a patient and friendly way. You will have tutelage and oversight from a paralegal with over a thousand successfully negotiated deals who has worked with ESO for five years.

More about you

ESO is seeking someone with experience negotiating contracts. Preferably software (licensed and SaaS), healthcare, or – even better – both. You must be confident enough to phone into a negotiation against a team of executives and attorneys and hold your own. As our software involves the transmission of healthcare data, familiarity with HIPAA and related laws will be necessary to effectively do this job, though this can be taught. You will have creative freedom to negotiate in a manner that best suits your personality, so long as it remains customer focused. Not all deals and projects are high-value, but all are important. There will be a mix. You will be expected to either know how to use Salesforce or learn it from our team, as Salesforce is the hub for our entire organization.

You can expect to:

  • Hone your negotiation skills in large, valuable, complex deals
  • Draft creative solutions to complex problems
  • Work with a supportive team of good people who want to make our country’s healthcare better for everyone

Your qualifications

Some of the things required to be successful in the role:

  • Several years of experience at a law firm, healthcare operation, or software company where you performed a role similar to what is described here
  • The ability to draft contract language with limited guidance
  • An understanding of the interplay between complex indemnification and limitation of liability clauses
  • The understanding that no clause in a contract is “boilerplate”
  • The ability to write clearly and professionally with few to zero typos or improper grammar
  • The ability to research and understand statutory and case law without guidance
  • An understanding of Salesforce, and/or a willingness to learn its complexities
  • A JD is not required for this position; we are a team of paralegals with executive sponsorship from our corporate counsel, but we operate with a large degree of autonomy.  Our budget for this position is very competitive for a paralegal, but may not impress an attorney.


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