3 Features In Fire Inspection & Pre-Planning Software

Posted on May 14, 2018
Tags: Fire

Whether your fire agency has a dedicated fire inspector, or the task falls to a combination of staff and field personnel, inspection and pre-planning is an important and necessary part of fire service. While it may not be the most exciting or glamorous duty to undertake, doing it properly offers numerous benefits to both the department and its community – perhaps the most important being making it easier to fight a fire at an inspected location, thanks to collected data on potential fuel sources, on-site chemicals, and other potential hazards.

But how can you ensure that you have the best inspection software for your needs? Below is a checklist of three features to look for in your inspection and pre-planning solution.

  1. Configurable Checklists: It’s no secret that every fire agency has its own way of doing things based on its own needs and internal processes. Being able to define and edit your own inspection checklist ensures that your inspectors do not miss a thing, regardless of whether they are new to the job or seasoned pros.
  2. CAMEO and NFIRS Integration: Since pre-planning and inspections are only a portion of the services that fire agencies provide, pre-planning and inspection software should not operate independently of other essential fire agency software. Inspectors should be able to easily look up chemicals in CAMEO and then track them according to industry standards.
  3. Photo and Print Capabilities: Whether you a capturing an image of a violation, documenting the layout or locations of a property, or even snapping a shot of a signature, it’s extremely helpful to be able to add attachments and photos – with notes –to the property record. Inspectors should also be able to easily record signatures and print the inspection report onsite, or even immediately email the report to property managers and owners. Capturing key information when it is convenient is imperative to making the most of your resources

Taking advantage of today’s technology to make your inspections and pre-planning more efficient and effective can mean not only fewer on-the-job headaches, but – more importantly – better-informed decision making when emergencies arise. This means improved safety for not only the community, but for the firefighters working to protect it as well.

For more on these features as well as four additional strategies, download “7 Features Fire Agencies Need From Pre-Planning and Inspections Software” today.