3 Must-Have ePCR Integrations

  • Posted on July 14, 2020

Digital patient records – also known as electronic patient care records or ePCRs – offer countless benefits in prehospital care. From built-in analytics, easier-to-complete forms, and less paperwork post-call, ePCR software makes your record-reporting more efficient, complete, and helpful to your operations.

However, not all ePCR tools are created equal. It’s important to spend some time doing your research before you purchase – or upgrade to – a new ePCR software platform. Your purchase not only represents an investment in time and money but will most likely be a tool your entire team must work with every single day, for years to come (check out our ePCR Buyer’s Guide for more ideas on what to look for and the questions to ask).

One key feature that is particularly important in an ePCR tool is integration with other software, equipment, and apps. Today’s ePCRs typically can be accessed from anywhere via the cloud, meaning that you can use it on your ambulance, at the station, or in the hospital ED. The goal of these integrations is to save you time, reduce re-entering data across platforms and being able to move seamlessly across applications and tools.

What integrations should you look for in an ePCR? Here is our take on three integrations you definitely need to make your ePCR experience top notch:

  1. Pediatric Dosing:
    Calculating the correct pediatric dosage on-scene is challenging and at times stressful. There are a lot of moving parts when treating children so having the ability to access treatment apps can make your call run smoother. A perfect example is being able to instantly access Handtevy, a software tool for instantly calculates and customizes pediatric medication dosages and drips, aligning 100% to your protocols and displayed in volume. The app also shows the size of every piece of equipment required for any sized child, no mathematical formulas required, reducing stress, and increasing confidence. Your ePCR environment needs to be open to integration with apps like Handtevy, where every minute can make a difference in your outcome.
  2. Pre-Hospital Alerting:
    When you’re dealing with a time-sensitive call, you need swift and interactive communication with the hospital. Look for an ePCR that can add value with apps that allow you to activate care teams, send photos and videos, and ensure the hospital is ready for your arrival. Alerting features mean that the hospital is not only prepared with the appropriate tools and labs but that less time is required for downloading your information to hospital staff. Plus, the ability to review your patient’s field assessment while you are still en route, and then having in their possession a complete ePCR upon arrival, can save valuable time for your patient.
  1. Cardiac Monitors:
    Your ePCR should integrate with all major brand cardiac monitors for easy retrieval of 12-lead and EKG data. Again, any additional information you can get to the receiving hospital ahead of time can make a difference in the outcome for your patient, not to mention make your treatment in the field and the ambulance more effective and informed. Additionally, you should be able to import data directly into the ePCR and store and view images later for further review in QI/QA efforts. These data, combined with follow-up patient information from the hospital, can provide valuable learning opportunities for future calls.

Top ePCR software – like ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software – allow for the configuration and integration needed to create a tool that meets the needs of each individual agency. When you’re in the field, EHR is more than a documentation tool – it’s a reference tool that helps you make better patient-care decisions in real time.

Looking for these key integration features can help ensure your investment in your ePCR is everything you need it to be – a tool that truly makes your team more efficient, effective, and successful.

Learn more about the ESO EHR software solution, or read the ePCR Buyer’s Guide now.