3 “Must Have” Scheduling Features for EMS Agencies

Posted on April 6, 2020
Categories: Best Practices
Tags: Scheduling

When you’re looking for new EMS scheduling software it be a challenge to know just what to look for to help your agency stay on top of schedules, maximize time efficiencies and ensure employees will be able to easily use the program you’ve implemented.  

We’ve got a few “must have” features you should consider when selecting your EMS scheduling software that can help you narrow down the list of possibilities 

On the Go Connectivity  

web-based EMS scheduling software should be accessible by all employees anywhere and at any time. Look for software that works across all devices including desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones. You should be able to review schedules, access time clocks, request and manage time off and shift trades and more. It’s about being able to keep your scheduling needs at your fingertips.  

Clear Cut Communication Channels 

Schedules, notices and employee alerts can change at a moment’s notice. When selecting scheduling software, you’ll want to make sure that the one you choose has the right tools for communicating messages quickly and effectively to staff.   

Look for in-app messaging that allows you to send messages to individual employees, groups and even messages by qualification (such as employees with the right credentials or least OT hours). Some scheduling software, such as ESO Scheduling allow employees to accept or decline workhour offers from within the software, making it easy to manage schedules and communicate on the fly.   

Dynamic Reporting 

Managing a schedule is only part of the process in ensuring the right personnel is in the right place at the right time. Reports can help you identify scheduling gaps, missing certifications and more.  

Your software should offer reports that highlight shift swaps, scheduling overviews and more, all reportable by pay period, shift, employee and date. An “even better” — ensure the software allows you to export your reports in a variety of formats such as PDF and Excel.  


A Good Fit for Your Needs  

The scheduling power needed to run an emergency medical operation goes way beyond creating and implementing a shift schedule. Most generic scheduling solutions on the market today cannot fully support the processes of an EMS agency, especially if they are not web-based. Take a look at ESO Scheduling today to see how EMS-focused scheduling can help your agency maximize efficiency and save time.