7 Secrets of Smart ePCR Buyers

Choosing the right ePCR or EMS electronic health record (EHR) for your service can be daunting. This free downloadable ePCR Buying Guide helps you master the process.

  • Posted on September 12, 2017

When ePCRs first came out, they were essentially electronic versions of old paper forms used by EMS agencies, ambulance services and fire departments. And many of them stayed that way for years. Others have come and gone, as state and federal reporting requirements have become more complex.

But as documentation has become more important for EMS organizations—and the sophistication of care provided to patients by EMS has increased dramatically—the best EMS patient documentation systems have grown in both capability and popularity within EMS agencies of all types.

Choosing the right ePCR or EMS electronic health record (EHR) system for your service is more than a matter of choosing the lowest-priced software that gets the job done. To help you take charge of the process and select a system that will serve as an essential tool for years to come, download 7 Secrets of Smart PCR Buyers, a free educational resource.