6 Unexpected Benefits of Continuing Education for EMS

Posted on May 20, 2019
Tags: EMS

As the nation celebrates National EMS Week, EMS agencies and citizens alike across the U.S. are recognizing the important work emergency health professionals accomplish in their communities. An important element in keeping the EMS industry vibrant and effective is top-notch and readily available continuing education, and National EMS Week is the perfect opportunity to recommit to keeping an EMS careers rewarding and engaging.

Continuing education is a necessary and required part of life as an EMT, or any healthcare provider. While the idea of studying more or attending classes may not spark the most excitement, focusing on the added benefits – both professional and personal – can make the efforts easier to sustain. Here are 6 perks of continuing education for EMTs and other emergency personnel.

1. Improve Patient Outcomes

One of the most beneficial results of health professionals participating in continuing education is the sharing of the newest technologies and theories. While the world is seemingly more connected than ever, online browsing just can’t replace a expert-lead lecture or seminar explaining – with supporting evidence – why an old way of thinking might need replacing. Shifts in treatment – like the current changes in acute stroke treatment – can be shared more efficiently, potentially improving patient outcomes around the world.

2. Develop More Efficient Individuals and Teams

You most likely have a wide range of tools at your fingertips every day – from industry-specific software tools to “smart” equipment. And while you have your own established ways of completing your daily required tasks, there are most likely numerous shortcuts, functions, and features that remained under-utilized. Special product trainings, “super-user” groups, and tutorials can help you do your job more efficiently that ever, leaving more time to focus on helping your community.

3. Grow Your Career Organically

Whether you are actively looking for the next step in your career, or you’re happy with your current position, continuing education can offer growth opportunities that you never before considered. You may find an area, product, or technology that sparks your interest and soon become the go-to expert in your agency. This lays the groundwork for an expansion to your job responsibilities that could lead to an increased salary, or even a shift to a completely new role.

4. Build Your Network

A wider network of colleagues in the industry make work not only more efficient, but more enjoyable. Conferences and other continuing education opportunities introduce you to peers across the nation and even the world, introducing you to new perspectives and ideas. You never know how these conversations may positively impact your own agency or career path, or even help save a life on a call.

5. Keep Your Skills Sharp

Continuing education requirements have been developed to help keep your skills sharp and your certifications current. Even the most veteran emergency care professional can benefit from refresher courses as well as introduction to new ideas and technologies. Continuing education requirements are your gentle reminders to keep your toolbox in tip-top shape, no matter how long you’ve been in the field.

6. Foster Personal Growth

Job satisfaction may be hard to quantify, but there’s no doubt that personal growth is key in ensuring you remain happy and challenged in your career. Staying involved in conversations related to your industry, exploring new concepts and technologies, and simply including regular learning opportunities into your professional life can keep your worklife engaging and enjoyable. You spend most of your waking hours at work, so it’s important to find ways to make those continuing education requirements work for you.


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